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The World of Super Yachts TV Show

How many times have you admired a superyacht and wondered what it would be like if it were yours?

The World of SuperYachts has your V.I.P. boarding pass!

Experience the opulence of a superyacht...

Travel to exotic destinations...

Be privy to yachting society...

Discover the most extravagant toys of the elite...

With years of experience in both the television and yachting industries, Producer / Host Madeline Mancini has combined her two passions in The World of SuperYachts.

Show Format and Content

Featured SuperYacht

You will be treated to an exclusive tour of its luxurious interior and experience the many unique amenities that she has to offer.

Yachting News & Views

News, views, and lifestyles of the people associated with The World of SuperYachts are featured.

* Gala social events

* International regattas

* Interviews with unique and fascinating yachting personalities

New Products

The latest and most extravagant toys and equipment found on a superyacht, including:

* Helicopters

* Mini-submarines

* Hi-tech navigational tools


Experience the exotic ports of call that these superyachts grace.

* Cruise the Riviera

* Enjoy tropical tradewinds of the Caribbean

* Bask in the warmth of Tahiti.

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Bring your service or product to market on

The World of SuperYachts....

"With mass viewer appeal, The World of SuperYachts is your first class boarding pass to quality advertising exposure."

Vision Statement

* Create a high quality, informative and entertaining weekly series.

* Syndicate the show on national and international television networks.

* Create a vehicle for specialized advertising.


The World of Superyachts has mass viewer appeal. Consider the fact that in recent years the yacht industry has exploded, with the number of superyachts at an all time record high.

Marketing Appeal

An enormous percentage of the population spends millions of dollars every year flocking to the water, whether it be boating, vacationing, summer homes or permanent residences. Not only does The World of Superyachts have incredible marketing appeal for the yachting industry, it also has the same voyeuristic appeal that made entertainment shows such as Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous so successful.

Producer / Host

With years of experience in both the television and yachting industries, Producer / Host Madeline Mancini has combined her two passions into The World of SuperYachts.

Since 1992, Madeline Mancini has been involved with many aspects of yachting, from Chief Stewardess on a Feadship, to working with leading yacht brokers. Her hands on approach has given her a unique insight into the yachting industry, while allowing her the opportunity to travel the world on some of the most luxurious superyachts.

A member of the Screen Actors' Guild with a B.A. in Theater, Madeline has numerous commercial and theatrical credits and has co-hosted the Winterfest Boat Parade on the Sunshine Network, Florida. Madeline Mancini is the founder and President of H2O Productions. You can contact Madeline Mancini at yachtv@yahoo.com 

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The World of SuperYachts (c) Madeline Mancini